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Find products and solve your application problems by One-Stop-Total Solution at TECHNO-DATA. We are proud of unique sources of supply for a broad spectrum of cutting edge measurement sensors and associated instrumentation from global top-notch manufacturers. Industries Served : Test & Measurements | Industrial Machinery | Factory Automation | System Integration | Robotics | Steel Mill | Power Plant | Automotives | Marine & Ships | Energy Harvesting | Aerospace & Defense | Industrial & Academic R&D’s | Wireless Energy Harvesting | Wireless Environmental Monitoring | Civil Eng. & Structural Health Monitoring

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07333 서울특별시 영등포구 여의대방로 379, 906호(여의도동, 제일빌딩)


Phone: 02-784-4202

Fax: 02-784-4715

Web: www.technodata.com

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